Your Excellency António Guterres,

On behalf of a coalition of 13 humanitarian and development Syrian American organizations, we congratulate you on your recent appointment as the next United Nations Secretary General. We, as the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), supporting over 5.7 million Syrians worldwide, consider this announcement a victory not just for you and the UN, but for Syrians everywhere.

(Washington, DC) - Secretary of State John Kerry stated Friday “war crimes in Syria beg the appropriate investigations.” As the nearly six-year-long Syrian conflict intensifies, humanitarian organizations are expressing anger and serious concerns over the inaction of world powers. The American Relief Coalition for Syria, (ARCS) a non-political coalition of 13 Syrian American humanitarian organizations that aid over 5.7 million Syrians in the country and worldwide, supports Kerry’s statement.

"People of Aleppo await Death"

(Washington, D.C.) - The largest trauma hospital in Aleppo, code named M10, was destroyed today in an airstrike that dropped two barrel bombs, cluster munitions, incendiary weapons and vacuum bombs on the underground facility. Two patients were killed and 13 were injured, with the remaining patients being urgently moved to another medical facility. An ambulance was also destroyed, as well as several nearby buildings.

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