US should help Aleppo NOW

(Washington, DC) – The American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), a group of 13 American humanitarian organizations that aid over 5.7 million Syrians in the country and worldwide, expressed serious concern about the possibility of a full-scale military offensive against eastern Aleppo in the coming days. ARCS spokesperson, Lena Arkawi, issued the following statement:

“Now more than ever, the people of eastern Aleppo need the world to stand with them and support humanitarian access to their city. The mass atrocities suffered by this city and its people are a stain on our global consciousness. Years from now, we will look back at this time, even just this week, and say why didn’t we act? The US has a global responsibility and there is no better time than now to help people in Aleppo. If we don’t do something before the major offensive, it will haunt us for years to come.”

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