(Washington, DC) – The Syrian regime and its allies continued their all-out assault on eastern Aleppo today, capturing new territory and trapping thousands of civilians in the crossfire. With tens of thousands of civilians still trapped there, eastern Aleppo is headed toward complete catastrophe.

Lena Arkawi, spokesperson for the American Relief Coalition for Syria, a coalition of 13 humanitarian and development organizations that aid 5.7 million Syrians worldwide, issued the following statement in response:

(Washington, DC) – Ahead of a meeting yesterday with President-elect Donald Trump, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is reportedly under consideration to head the Department of Homeland Security, accidentally revealed a portion of his strategic plan for the department. The number one priority is to "Bar the Entry of Potential Terrorists," which calls for "reducing the intake of Syrian refugees to zero."

Bombardment of Aleppo Hospitals Leaves Civilians without Medical Care

(Washington, DC) – In recent days, eastern Aleppo has come under the most intense bombardment of the Syrian conflict. Escalated airstrikes by Russian and regime forces have reportedly killed over 100 civilians on the ground and destroyed critical remaining infrastructure in besieged, battle-scarred neighborhoods. All the hospitals in eastern Aleppo are now destroyed, leaving over 250,000 civilians without access to medical care.

Your Excellency António Guterres,

On behalf of a coalition of 13 humanitarian and development Syrian American organizations, we congratulate you on your recent appointment as the next United Nations Secretary General. We, as the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), supporting over 5.7 million Syrians worldwide, consider this announcement a victory not just for you and the UN, but for Syrians everywhere.

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