How to help the people of Aleppo

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - Activists protested outside the Russian Embassy on Wednesday to call for end to violence in Aleppo. 

“Starvations, torture, rape, indiscriminate mass executions,” said an activist outside the Russian Embassy. “We have even heard women jumping off buildings or begging their husbands or fathers to kill them before militia’s come and rape them.” 

Protestors holding signs cried as they listened to her tell the story of refugees and civilians living in fear in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The tragedy a world away is unfolding before our eyes and advocates say we can’t afford to look away.

“President Obama had many opportunities to do something in the last five years and he didn’t do anything and we see what’s going on now,” explained Omar Hosino with the Coalition for Democratic Syria. “Extermination of civilians. There are a half a million people who have been killed and result is the worse refugee crisis since World War II.” 

Hosino suggests people use their voices to put political pressure to change the crisis in Aleppo. 

“Call on the White House, your Congressmen, act immediately to put consequences on Assad and Russia for violating the cease fire and push them to a cease fire.”

Sahand Miraminy is organizing a vigil outside the White House Friday evening at 6. Protestors will march to the Russian Ambassador’s residence. 

Want to help? Here's some ways you can donate to the refugees: 

Syria Relief and Development 

Save the Children

Amnesty USA

You can also join the march to place political pressure and learn more on the Stand With AleppoFacebook page. 

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