According to the united nations:

Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis in our history.

With your Help
We connect Syrian Refugees
with Resources, Healthcare +

For every in our map
Donors and Non-Profits have
come together to complete
a project to better the lives
of those who need it most.

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Making an Impact:

By pooling the talents and expertise of hundreds of professionals, ARCS members cover all fields of aid and development including:
Food & clothing programs, shelter, medical aid, education, women's development programs, refugee assistance, and sustainable giving programs.

2016 Accomplishments of ARCS members:

$55 million

Raised from individual donors & grants
140 schools & 200 healthcare facilities

Supported in Syria and the region
8.75 million

Syrians and Syrian refugees served

US States with representation


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Stay informed with ARCS - our efforts, the situation in Syria, and the stories of refugees.

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