A Syrian Tailor Finds a Home in Chicago

Ahmad Al Atrash does not like to be called a refugee. To him, a Syrian who fled a brutal civil war in his country, that word is loaded with negative connotations, and separates him from the community that has now become his home: Chicago. Six months ago, he and his family resettled there. I recently had the chance to discuss with him his thoughts on the crisis in Syria, his experiences at a refugee camp in Jordan, his journey to the United States, and his hopes for his family and children.

How You Can Help Provide Warmth to Syrian Refugees This Winter

The family is sitting around the dinner table, the tree is about to be decorated, and the U.S. is officially entering holiday season. Sadly, for Syrian refugees around the world, this season does not bring such excitment. The winter weather presents a special challenge to displaced refugees living in surrounding countries. Frigid winds, tumultuous rain, and precipitating snow hit the refugee camps in countries such as Lebanon and Jordan, increasing the chance of illness and death.

Syrian-American Organizations Advocate for Refugee Education

    Washington D.C. -- On October 25th, Syrian-American organizations, and members of the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), were in the nation’s capital,  advocating for robust educational access of Syrian children displaced within Syria and the surrounding region.

ARCS Urges Continued Syrian Refugee Resettlement

Washington, DC (Jan. 27, 2017)--The American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) and its 13 member organizations join refugee rights and Syrian diaspora organizations in urging President Trump to reconsider an executive order that would bar thousands of displaced Syrians from seeking a safe, permanent home. The decision to halt resettlement would not only be detrimental to the safety and livelihoods of Syrians currently waiting to be resettled but also harmful to Syrian refugees who have already been resettled in the U.S.

Attacks Destroy Two Trauma Hospitals In Eastern Aleppo

Humanitarian Group Outraged by Inaction to Protect Civilians

(Washington, D.C.) —Two of largest Syrian hospitals in the besieged part of Eastern Aleppo were targeted by five artillery shells and several airstrikes Wednesday morning. Several patients were killed and three hospital staff members are critically injured. One of the hospitals was the only trauma center that remained in Eastern Aleppo. Both hospitals are completely destroyed and are no longer able to serve patients.

Presidential Debate Silent on Syria as Crisis Deepens

(Washington, D.C.) - Last night’s presidential debate failed to address Syria, the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. Neither candidate nor the moderator took even a moment to shed light on the current atrocities taking place in Aleppo. In response, Lena Arkawi, spokesperson for the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS), issued the following response:

“We are deeply disappointed by the utter failure of last night’s debate to even mention Syria. That oversight is far more telling than Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe.

Milk and Mentors: Helping Syrian Women Support Their Families

From getting formula to hungry babies to teaching women how to run their own businesses, NuDay Syria gives aid and support to millions of Syrians. For the nonprofit’s founder, Nadia Alawa, it’s about helping women and children survive the war with dignity.

When Nadia Alawa moved from Japan to New Hampshire with her family in 1996, she intended to focus on raising her eight children. But years later, a single incident from the Syrian civil war compelled Alawa to turn her focus halfway across the world to help families suffering through the conflict.

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