Americans Protest Russia on Aleppo

(Washington, DC) – The American Relief Coalition for Syria, a coalition of 13 humanitarian and development organizations that aid 5.7 million Syrians worldwide, in coordination with the Coalition for a Democratic Syria, a multi-ethnic and multi-sectarian coalition for a pluralistic and free Syria, organized a press conference in front of the Russian Embassy today in Washington, D.C.

During the press conference Lena Arkawi, ARCS spokesperson, stated:


Humanitarian Groups Warn of Further Destruction of Hospitals in Aleppo

"People of Aleppo await Death"

(Washington, D.C.) - The largest trauma hospital in Aleppo, code named M10, was destroyed today in an airstrike that dropped two barrel bombs, cluster munitions, incendiary weapons and vacuum bombs on the underground facility. Two patients were killed and 13 were injured, with the remaining patients being urgently moved to another medical facility. An ambulance was also destroyed, as well as several nearby buildings.

Attacks Destroy Two Trauma Hospitals In Eastern Aleppo

Humanitarian Group Outraged by Inaction to Protect Civilians

(Washington, D.C.) —Two of largest Syrian hospitals in the besieged part of Eastern Aleppo were targeted by five artillery shells and several airstrikes Wednesday morning. Several patients were killed and three hospital staff members are critically injured. One of the hospitals was the only trauma center that remained in Eastern Aleppo. Both hospitals are completely destroyed and are no longer able to serve patients.

Aleppo's dying children and shattered health system: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Being a doctor can be risky business, some times more than others.

During my dozen medical missions to Syria, I had to crawl under a border fence, jump over walls, walk in the mountains at night for hours without any light, pass through the sniper alley in Aleppo, negotiate with smugglers and work in bombed, underground hospitals.

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