Syrian American Engineers Association (SAEA)


Sectors: Education, Shelter, WASH



We work to organize Syrian engineers, architects, and technical professionals to rebuild, maintain, develop, and advance Syria by employing and implementing global engineering and quality standards for education, certification and construction management. We envision a modern Syria with sustainable buildings and infrastructure, recognized as a productive and proud member of the world community. Our core values include service to humanity, integrity, professional and technical advancement, sustainable development, and technical advising, all with a focus on engineering.


About Us: 

Founded in 2012, SAEA is an association organized to be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America. SAEA operates exclusively to engage in the rebuilding, recovery and modernization of Syria with a technical focus and without any political, religious or legislative activities. SAEA consists of general members, a nine-member governing Board of Trustees and a seven-member operating Board of Directors.

SAEA Planning & Development Department receives project ideas, proposals and requests from many sources focusing on water, energy, housing, and information technology. For each proposal, our experts examine and develop a feasibility study proposing a thorough and complete design. Once plans are approved, the work proceeds with detailed specifications, implementation and securing the resources necessary for successful completion. 

SAEA is responsible for: 

1.     Organizing and promoting Syrian engineers, architects, and technical professionals in North America

2.     Rebuilding, maintaining, developing, and advancing Syria’s buildings and infrastructure

3.     Coordinating, cooperating, and liaising with other entities working towards Syria’s rebuilding and future prosperity

4.     Soliciting and advancing financial planning and funding of Syria’s buildings and infrastructure projects.

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