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Sectors: Education, Basic Needs



Shaam Relief Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to provide relief, education, and developmental support for all people worldwide. With the goal of alleviating the suffering of people, Shaam Relief Foundation strives to improve quality of life using short-term, long-term, and emergency solutions. Through our relief programs and unwavering dedication, we help change many lives for the better. By giving, you can provide hope to the hopeless.

Being mindful of the resources entrusted to us, Shaam Relief Foundation makes a difference.


About Us: 

Founded in 2011, Shaam Relief Foundation initially recognized a desperate and rising need for aid in Syria. Shaam Relief Foundation is building long-term and strategic partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations in the United States, Europe and in the Middle East with experience in delivering relief where it is most needed. Furthermore, Shaam Relief Foundation has supporters from around the US making it possible for Shaam Relief Foundation to reach out to donors during critical times of need as is the case today with the Syrian campaign. Shaam Relief Foundation founders were the 1st group of individuals who reached out to other existing relief organizations requesting them to raise funds for Syria when the Syrian government crackdown began to silence the peaceful voices of the southern city of Daraa back in March of 2011.

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