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Sectors: Food Security, Education, Basic Needs, Health and Nutrition, Livelihoods and Social Cohesion



Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to help people help themselves. We seek to restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by conflict by eliminating barriers to success through innovative education, entrepreneurial development, and community-driven aid. Guided by the aspirations of the people we serve, we pursue this mission with compassion, transparency, and generosity.  

KARAM MANIFESTO: Do a good deed every day.

 The choice to give: that is Karam.

Karam means generosity, or giving, in Arabic. In other languages, Karam means duty. It means to act.
It means that your actions today will affect our lives tomorrow. We started with a simple idea, an action: TO GIVE. 

Along the way thousands of donors believed in our idea and supported us. Today, we are
determined to continue our mission: to build a better, brighter future for Syria. 


About Us: 

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization on a mission to build a better future for Syria. We develop Innovative Education programs for Syrian refugee youth, distribute Smart Aid to Syrian families, and fund Sustainable Development projects initiated by Syrians for Syrians. 

Karam Foundation was founded in 2007 in Chicago — a small, non-profit organization determined to do big things. Karam means generosity in Arabic — our simple vision was to give what was needed to those who needed it anywhere around the world. Eight years ago, we started with a food drive on the south-side of Chicago. Today, our impact expands across Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan, building a better future for thousands of Syrian families.

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