Organizational Benefits

The Coalition has a strong national and international reputation as a network of humanitarian organizations that are providing multi-sector and relief assistance to people in Syria, Syrians in neighboring countries and across the United States.

By advocating the need for humanitarian involvement and by having a strong voice on a local, national and international level, ARCS has a crucial role in leading and informing the public, community and government representatives about its member organizations and their activities directed to improving lives of the Syrian people.

The Coalition strengthens and enhances its members’ efforts to effectively deliver its mission by identifying and leading key capacity building projects that improve members’ ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities in Syria and abroad. Through implementing strategic training and workshops, ARCS raises the efficiency of its member organizations in providing humanitarian and relief assistance to those who are in a dire need.  

ARCS coordinates and fosters the exchange of information between its member organizations, that increases the efficiency of humanitarian projects in the field. Through developed mapping system, member organizations can access the information of the needs and projects inside and outside Syria, share best practices, and connect with each other.