About Us

Who We Are

The American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) is a coalition of secular, non-political, Syrian diaspora led humanitarian organizations that provide multi-sector relief inside of Syria, as well as assistance and services to Syrian refugees in regional host countries and in the United States. Together the efforts of ARCS organizations help millions of Syrians, both those who remain in Syria and those displaced as refugees.

ARCS is dedicated to building a model network of diaspora organizations in the United States that will be an impetus for positive change, social welfare and development in their homeland. Guided by its values of humanitarianism, advocacy and collaboration, ARCS and its member organizations shall pursue this mission with compassion, transparency, and generosity.


The mission of ARCS is a voice for US-based Syrian diaspora organizations who are providing humanitarian and development services for Syrians worldwide, through advocacy and empowering local humanitarian actors. ARCS serves as an impetus for positive change, social welfare, and progress through serving as a platform for coordination and organizational development.


Our vision is to empower Syrian voices, both in Syria and in the diaspora. We envision a world where Syrian voices are heard, and their dreams are empowered to become a reality.
The American Relief Coalition for Syria
Our Impact in 2015
  • Individual donors contributed over $51.9 million, including grants $70.9 million
  • Total estimated number of beneficiaries over 5.69 million people (4.17 million inside Syria)
  • Members work in all governorates in Syria except for Tartus and Suwayda
  • Organizations are represented in 21 US states (and DC)
  • Member organizations provide for all of basic needs of refugees.
  • 119 schools and 145 hospitals were supported and their doors kept open thanks to member organizations
Our Impact in 2016
  • Coordinated with NonprofitReady.org to create an online training website for member organizations to learn grant writing, social media, fundraising, financial best practices and more.
  • (In Progress) Mapping system allowing member to improve coordination and donor-transparency
  • (In Progress) Online platform for ARCS members to share information, best practices, and connect with each other
  • Represented member organizations at UN Summit for Refugees and HL meetings
  • Held meetings with UN Missions from France, Spain, UK, and US to communicate the urgency of the situation in Aleppo and what ARCS members are doing on the ground